bank pain & DJT - Vultures (feat. Wootmaster)

from by Ponies at Dawn



It's time to wake ya ass up
A cuppa folgers is not enough
It's rougher for us as we get older
But no matter what
For these horses I remain a soldier
Cuz I got a chip on my shoulder
Bigger than Holder's Boulder

Thought I told you
I represent the culture
To borrow a phrase
Yeah I protected it from the vultures
And now I gotta go hard again
for this fandom I will always defend
For the homies ponies and all my friends
I'm the Guardian

Babs Seed is back baby it's bully time
Gotta a hoof fulla fury packed into every line
Despite what you might think no everything is not fine
Especially when we got these suckas celebrating our decline

No please tell me how it's going making real music
Hiding who you are and what you did, just so you can prove it
To the cool kids and producers that you're hip now
While still making ass tracks nobody gives a shit about

Yuh, best believe that I won't mince words or hold back
When wack acts start sniffing themselves
And snap at my whole pack
As a matter of fact I think that they feel sad cuz

you know what I can't even finish this man
just cut it just cut the track just render it
I don't even care anymore dude
It was all good back in the day with these fools
Now they wanna switch up and...yeah whatever


from Guardians, released June 23, 2017


all rights reserved



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