MrMehster - New Wave (feat. N. Hollow)

from by Ponies at Dawn



[Verse 1]
We walking through like shadows in the night
Grab the bar stool I’m gathering a fight
Keeper of the trigger you don’t wanna see me squeeze like a claustrophobic
Wanna see how hell look like? ‘Cause once I pop you’ll know it

I’m going off like a champagne bottle
Hit the lights out then I’m going full throttle
Ice so cold, that you gon’ need a heater
I could take this bullet or a shot of tequila

They ‘gon wonder how I bolt like, rapid fire
Tell ‘em that I’m fleet footed so I’m packing tires
Yeah I’m Soarin through the ranks ‘til the Mac acquired
It spit fire but it’s causing wet backs to drivers

Ugh, keep your eyes closed only at the night show
Imma stay war ready homie yeah I might go
Nuts on this mammoth keeping up the standard
Call me a magician one snap let him vanish

I got a chain with Tia’s mark on it
Gold earnings like a phone number you can call it
Jewels on my wrist cost more than your outfit
Your bulletproof vest tell me you really ain’t about it

My new plug got a thousand diamonds ugh,
He got the sauce like it’s thousand island ugh,
Me not on speed dial, nah that’s a rarity
If you don’t got my contact, then you scared of me

Now, we riding off in a phantom
If you could see me then you’d tell me that I’m handsome
We got a hostage in the back, head to handgun
I do it for the thrills, I don’t do it for a ransom

Empire stack higher, then we crumble
Your war cry to me is nothing but a mumble
But they don’t wanna listen ‘cause we too strange
Grab your surfboards you are riding on a new wave

[Verse 2]
We slippin’ out of sight yeah we flowin’
We serve no pony like a ronin
I ain’t got no time to talk to these reporters
Boy I got more dough than Sugarcube corners

Banging on my chest that’s an instinct
My whole crew we ‘gon beat you in sync
Flexin’ in a rari you ‘gon get to spar me
Still laughin’ to the bank in my brand new bugatti

Damn, they ain’t really mess with the new kid
Hit every single head like a pool stick
You ‘gon wanna start runnin’ when the tools hit
Screw the driver over like a wrench when the cue sticks

Man, I’ll leave Rainbow Dash with her ankle smashed
Moving off with Applejack and I’m packing gats
Then I tell Pinkie pie to go and sink the lights
Like ocean's, know this, keep up on your focus

Lotta ponies claiming they could top me but it’s bogus
I am on another castle level yes I chose it
Luna got a glow stick, keep the darkness out
Know what my heart’s about, only goal in life is that I flow sick

Homie I done work for a bit now
Time and money I can’t dip out
No horse shoes, only bricks now
You can’t even stand me, homie sit down

Yes I bring a choppa to the block up
Cop a semi to the levee while I’m ridin’ in this chevvy
Heavy duty on my mind, shooting ‘til you’re wide
Loosening your sight, using tools of mine for bruising in a fight

No, I guess in closure yes I'm out of it
I could never walk away from punchlines without a hit
But they don't wanna listen cause we too strange
Grab your surfboards you are riding on a new wave


from Amity, released January 13, 2017



all rights reserved


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