Homage McGee - Disco Girl (feat. SlightlyAmiss, ForeverFreest & SaxBrony)

from by Ponies at Dawn



Put your teaching days behind you
And Become a student of mine
In disco world
No such thing as a bad time

Feel the vibe
Come on and give it a try

Disco girl
To rock my world
Disco girl
Come take me for a whirl

Hey filly, what's popping, let me give you the skinny
I'm down to hang in the city but we ain't gotta get gritty
I'm talking feeling the funk, we get down with the boogie
Lookie lookie little emery, cuz I'm no rookie
In fact I'm a tough cookie, I been keeping it smart
Cuz you got a head start, and a whole lotta heart
I gotta skitty, to get a pretty kitty like that
So we'd be going around and mackin’ down like the cat's
You're so nurkin’, girl, you probably think I'm berserk
I'm a P.O.W. but uh we could make it work
Cuz we both know that you're primo,
And I get emo-tional cuz you're mi favorito
It's what I live for, girl
So come on baby rock my world
So put on your boots and get down to the rink
I'll be there in a blink, for my disco girl

Let loose and have some fun girl
Cause the night is still young
Fire it up
Until we see the sun

Disco girl
To rock my world
Disco girl
Come take me for a whirl


from Voyager, released October 8, 2016



all rights reserved


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